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What it is all about:

Team Columbia 2007

I found this email today and it made my day. Thank you Andres Mejia and Team Columbia.

Message: Hi Craig, I found your website and I wanted to share a memory. It was 2007 and I was playing MTG Worlds in NY. After the Individual Event we played for (the country of) Colombia in the teams competition, and boy we were getting beated. I remember getting called several times for the team photo but we were kind of ashamed to go for it. After a couple hours someone finded us and practicly dragged us to the flag station. And you were there! And I don't know how but you made us burst into laugh, you turn what it was going to be a horrible experience into a good memory. And I salute you and thank you for that. Thanks for being such a professional person. Thanks for being part of our community. Really appreciate all your hard work through the ages!

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